Miss / Mister Burlesque Aotearoa

Rules of the Road




Miss / Mister Burlesque Aotearoa

The 4 main titles are the only gender specific titles in the competition and are open to any performer in the gender they identify with. The additional titles are all gender neutral. 

  • No Liquid's / Glitter / Dust / Chalk, You must leave the stage the same way you found it.

  • Props must be small enough to be placed on stage by one person, or an additional person must be provided at the competitors expense to help install the prop onstage.

  • The performance must include an element of striptease.

  • No Full Nudity on purpose.

  • No routine to be over 10 minutes

  • Song choice names must be provided 6 weeks prior to show, to allow for APRA licence request.



  • Live Vocal / Music performances must provide all required additional equipment.

  • Contestants must make themselves available for promotional photoshoot prior to competition Start (5th October)

  • Additional Lighting requirements will not be accepted. (Basic Lighting only is available)

  • Damage to Hotel Property will be at the competitors expense.

  • A high personal standard of decorum and professionalism is expected at all times during the competition.

  • The Ambassador title will be judged via an online facebook competition, where competitors must share a Publication / Promotional photo, the most LIKES of the original post wins. (Miss / Mister Burlesque Aotearoa Facebook page will create content)



Crews Choice

The Crew's Choice is judged on interaction between competitors and all staff involved in the competition including Hotel staff. 


Peoples Choice

Will be decided on by the audience with a paper ballot at the end of the competitors performances.



Miss / Mister Burlesque Aotearoa 

The Main Titles will be awarded by the judges solely on the performance during the competition, based on the criteria listed below.  The Highest total marks in each title will be crowned the winners, the next highest total marks will crowned first runner ups. 

Competitors in each category will receive marks based on  

  • Costume = Total of 25 points

  • Innovativeness = Total of 25 points

  • Performance = Total of 25 points

  • Package – Performance, costume, music and props = Total of 25 points

Total of 100 points